October 26, 2010

my sister & me

My sister is 5 1/2 years older than me. For a long time we lived in "two different worlds" - I was the baby, the toddler, the little kid while she was the big sister, the teenager, and the young adult.
She was in kindergarten when I was born.
She went to middle school - 7th grade when I started 1st grade.
She started high school - 10th grade when I went to 4th grade.
She headed to college when I started 7th grade.

When she went to college, I was twelve. I was short and little and often mistaken as a little ten year old girl. But the gap between us started to diminish a little every year. Now I am fifteen, and I am almost as tall as her. Ha, in a year a two, I think I am going to be taller than her. To her dismay, we can now almost share the same wardrobe. As a matter of fact, I just borrowed a very cute navy coat from her closet this morning. She is going to have a very hard time guarding her clothing that does not fit into her dorm closet. 

I love my sister; she is the best!


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